About the Blog

This blog is a mash-up of original and family recipes, my spin on some favs, and a sampling of pin-sperations. The focus of my posts is on the recipes themselves. Like many regular humans I am eternally searching for the balance between delicious and healthy. This blog does not reflect on a particular style of cooking or eating, just on food I think you should try!
I don’t always have a story to tell, but I definitely have good food to share. I’ve always loved cooking and baking, but I’m brand new to the blogging world… so we shall see how this goes.

All the images used on this blog are my own photos.

Credit to my sister, Laura Dennis, for the use of her painting in my cover photo. To see more of her work visit her Facebook page: The Empty Wall.

Credit to picmonkey.com for their photo editing site

About the Author

Me circa 1990, clearly a natural in the kitchen.

I’m Andrea. Born and raised in Miramichi, NB. Currently residing in Calgary AB.